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2011 Gold Ava Winner

Helping You Make Great Video

Spotzen brings together the process, platform and people that you need
to create high quality video projects.

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Turn Your Video Ideas Into Reality And Results

Work with us on any or all of these 4 steps to save time, money and your sanity.


We help you flesh out your ideas to video concepts our filmmaker partners can use to produce a treatment and bid. Chose from proven filmmakers with experience producing similar content.


Once you select your filmmaker, we build the crew and manage the process from preproduction through to post using the Spotzen web platform, getting continual feedback on the work in progress from you and your clients.


We use our web distribution platform to upload your videos to our CDN and then syndicate to a variety of web channels - YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, iTunes, private sites, etc.


We'll get you weekly reports on how different videos are performing on different channels and days. If you like, we can help you execute on a campaign to generate buzz around the videos online, driving people to watch.

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The Mighty Spotzen Platform

Award Winning Platform for Production Management in the Cloud.

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No More Digging Through Emails!

Get all your prepro materials in one place – casting photos and resumes, location shots, reels, call sheets, releases, timecards.

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Get The Right Information To The Right People

Based on their role. Forget managing email distributions. Put people in groups, manage the access levels of the groups and share everything they need online.

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Keep On Top Of New Developments As They Happen

When you are working on multiple jobs at once, Spotzen gives you feeds of updates and new information across all your spots.

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Consistency Across All Your Creative Processes

Stop jumping all over from email to Google Docs to FTP sites. Bring efficiency to your teams with a consistent platform across your creative activities.

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Access On You Desktop / Laptop, iPad Or Smart Phone

Wherever and whenever you need information, it’s there. Send announcements, delegate tasks, access maps and documents on set or on the go.

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Give Clients A Secure Place

A secure place to review, rate and comment throughout the production process. Reveal casting options, concepts, boards and rough cuts when they are ready for feedback

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No Production Book, No Problem

Location info, calendars, contact info, boards, call sheets are all at your finger tips and always up to date.

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Dump All Those Old Binders

Spotzen lets you archive all your old jobs in one place for easy reference whenever you need them in the future.

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Your On Demand Production Team

When you need us, for as long as you need us.

Our people
How we help

We are a team of experienced video producers, production managers and production coordinators ready to help you make great video with fair rates and flexible terms. We can engage with you in a number of different models, providing you with a producer with the experience level and rate to match the needs of the job.

Line Production

We work with production companies and customers as freelance producers managing the video production process from concept and budgets through to delivery and distribution.

Agency Production

Broadcast and online video is just one of many deliverables agencies produce for their clients. We provide producers with agency and commercial experience to manage the whole process and produce great results.

Production Management

Remote or onsite. Part time or full time. We help you organize and manage your job using the Spotzen web platform working on an hourly rate, not a day rate, giving you more flexibility to engage us when you need us.

And That's Not All!

Casting, release management, distribution, administrative support. If you are slammed or just have some things you’d rather not do yourself, carve out some work and let us help.

We Love Our Clients & They Love Us

Working with clients, large and small, to help efficiently produce great content.

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Sound Good? Let’s Get Started!

Let Spotzen manage your next project. It may just change your life.

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$ Per Extra GB $3$2$2$3CUSTOM
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Great Video Production Made Easy

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Great Video Production Made Easy

2525 S. Lamar #9,
Austin, TX 78704
United States

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Great Video Production Made Easy

2525 S. Lamar #9,
Austin, TX 78704
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